2014 Indoor Agriculture Conference this week in Las Vegas

Indoor_AgricultureThe 2nd Annual Indoor Agriculture Conference unites farmers, entrepreneurs, suppliers, technology geeks, investors, researchers and policy makers for a two-day discussion on the status and future of hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic produce farming.

The event takes place on this Wendesday and Thursday, May 14-15, at Springs Preserve, a 180 acre wildlife preserve in Las Vegas, NV. Over 38 speakers will be there, including FarmedHere, FreightFarms, MIT CityFarm, and Village Farms. Tickets are going fast!

Because of the growing interest in aquaponics, Indoor Ag is offering those with the Aquaponics Association a 20% discount off the $549 full price registration fee, bringing the cost down to $439, a savings of over $100. To take advantage of this savings, register through Eventbrite using the code AQUAPONICS.

For more information, visit www.indoor.ag.

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