Abraham Paiss & Associates, Inc.

Agency History

Abraham Paiss & Associates, Inc. (APA) was founded in June 1996 as a woman-owned strategic PR/marketing communications agency. Our mission: support businesses offering sustainable solutions. We are honored to work with far-sighted entrepreneurs whose products and services help make our world healthier and more sustainable.
Over the past 22 years, we have served many industries that impact our daily life. Arenas we’ve represented include: energy-efficient building products and design/build companies, low carbon transportation options, urban agriculture, organic and local food products, renewable energy manufacturers and installers, sustainable development firms, and community-based neighborhoods.
We look for places where a better solution is needed. In November 2012 with the passage of Colorado Amendment 64, we saw a need for a regional non-profit to support the emerging industrial hemp industry. Our firm started the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association (RMHA) to help hemp farmers, hemp entrepreneurs, and hemp enthusiasts have a responsive organization and helpful educational online platform to connect with others and exchange information and resources.  After six months of receiving phone calls and emails from stakeholders across the nation, it become obvious: to rebuild the U.S. hemp economy we needed a national organization dedicated to American hemp farmers. In 2014, we expanded RMHA to become the National Hemp Association, a Colorado not-for-profit we ran through September 2016. We continue to support the hemp industry. Our team created the world’s largest raw hemp online platform – the Hemp Marketplace –  and we provide hemp business consulting and marketing communication services to hemp entrepreneurs. 
APA is also about strong interpersonal connections. We establish long-standing supportive partnerships with our clients. For 10 years, from 1997 to 2007, we served as the National Media Contact for the Cohousing Association of the United States. During this time, we also served as communications and development consultants to more than two dozen cohousing neighborhoods across the U.S. in CA, CO, MA, MI, NC, and UT and helped double the number of built cohousing communities in North America.
We see the next 10 years as pivotal to our planet’s response to environmental challenges and mitigation of Climate Change.  We are dedicated to providing strategic and heart-based communication services that help visionary companies thrive by bringing to market new products that create a more sustainable and healthy future for our society.