Hemp Subject Matter Expert

Every industry can benefit from a subject matter expert to assist when parties need an informed impartial opinion. A subject matter expert can also be extremely helpful when business situation go awry and you need someone on your side to present the facts of the situation. This may apply when a contract was broken, product was damaged, or your hemp crop experienced loss from outside influences.

Large Hemp Field

The term “expert” is short for “subject matter expert” in the context of witness services. Generally speaking, an expert: 1) will have published extensively in their field over a long period of time, 2) will have practical experience relevant to the subject matter at hand, and 3) will have experience in court (or arbitration) cases that are similar to the claimed dispute. The more experience an expert has, through some combination of practical experience, scholarship and trial experience, the more authoritative the expert will appear.

Due to Zev’s many years of experience in the hemp industry working with farmers, manufacturers of extraction equipment, lab owners, and entrepreneurs, he have seen situations from a variety of perspectives. As a result, he now serves as a subject matter expert for law firms, agricultural claims, and insurance situations.

Areas where he has been recently engaged include:

  • Issues of crop damage from animal incursion
  • Pesticide or chemical overspray onto hemp crops
  • Cross pollination issues for feminized or organic grows
  • Damage claims from malfunctioning equipment such as planters, harvesters or driers

If you are a farmer facing an insurance claim or legal action or are an attorney representing a client involved in hemp litigation and need a knowledgable and efficient subject matter expert, please reach out to Zev at zev@abrahampaiss.com or by phone at 720-925-5161.