Status of U.S. Hemp Growing in 2016

As expected, data from Colorado, Kentucky, and Tennessee all show the presence of large amounts of growers. A large portion of the production in Colorado is situated on the eastern half of the state. This region offers more even growing condition as opposed to the western half of the state which is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The data also shows large clusters around two of Colorado’s largest cities, Denver and Colorado Springs. Kentucky has a more even distribution of growers across the state. While there is some clustering around the capital, Lexington, grower registered growers exist in all corners of the state. Kentucky also features large numbers of hemp processing facilities centered around Louisville and Lexington. Tennessee shows more clustering around its capital, Nashville, with only a few outliers at the far ends of the state. Nevada and Vermont also feature several hemp producers spread across the state. Virginia, Indiana, and New York feature hemp production exclusively through research universities.

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