Micro-Farming Can Be Profitable

This 35-minute poscast was recorded on March 29, 2014 on PeakProsperty.com.
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 2.55.44 PMSmall-scale farming usually quickly surfaces as a pursuit that could help address a future defined by declining net energy, concerns about food security, adequate nutrition, community resilience, and reliable income commonly arise.

Yet most dismiss the idea of becoming farmers themselves; mainly because of lack of prior experience, coupled with lack of capital. It simply feels too risky. Jean-Martin Fortier and his wife, Maude-Hélène are a thirtysomething couple who have been farming successfully for the past decade on just an acre and half of land.
Their initial start up costs were in the $40,000 range. Not peanuts; but fairly low by most new business standards.

A quick summary of the numbers from their 1.5 acre operation:

2013 revenue: $140,000
Customer sales breakdown:
CSA operations: 140 members 60%
Farmer’s markets (2): 30%
Restaurants/grocery stores: 10%
Staff: 2 paid employees + the Fortiers
2013 Expenses: $75,000
2013 Profit: $65,000 (~45% profit margin)

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