Product Launches?

APA principal Zev Paiss helped Rhizo Verified, a business dedicated to providing hemp farmers with independently tested and verified hemp seeds and other hemp products, introduce it’s partnership with SIPCA to use their tamper proof labels as part of their gold standard verification program. Read more at this link


Our Sustainable Mail Program partner Catalog Choice has recently updated the Stop Junk Mail for Good website to enable us to more quickly and efficiently help companies and organizations reduce unwanted junk mail in the mailroom from current and former employees, and track environmental savings. Contact Neshama to learn more: 303-413-8252 (office) or 303-596-9905 (cell) or


Cool Energy, a clean tech power conversion company, was named a B Corp “Best for the Environment” Honoree. In photo (right), Cool Energy co-founder and president Sam Weaver, stands with an earlier 3kW Stirling Engine system.  The company is now developing 20 and 25kW systems whose technology captures and converts waste heat into usable electricity.  Learn more in Cool Energy B Corp news release


We partnered with country singer and industrial hemp supporter, Willie Nelson, to auction an autographed guitar that raised money for the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association, the nation’s fastest growing industrial hemp trade association in the U.S.


We support sustainable development and are pleased to produce email newsletters and maintain the website for the Boulder Armory Community, a New Urbanist neighborhood in North Boulder with a dedicated civic arts focus. The 8.5 acre site is currently owned by the Colorado National Guard with a plan to be redeveloped by Armory Land Investors to include more than 200 new homes, affordable housing, a community arts pavilion, open air gathering space, retail stores and recreational features. Stay tuned!


For Boulder Hybrids we created a new website highlighting the company’s services tailored for hybrid cars of all kinds. The website has specialized functions for visitors to request an appointment, showcase customer reviews, and describe the most popular services and upgrades.

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