Abraham Paiss & Associates, Inc.

The Hemp Marketplace

Abraham Paiss & Associates co-created the Hemp Marketplace to bring order to the quickly emerging U.S. hemp industry. Originally founded to support hemp farmers to sell their hemp biomass, the Marketplace is now the largest online platform to bring all hemp buyers and sellers together in a vetted safe environment.
Features that make the Hemp Marketplace unique include:
Affordable Listings — Categories include raw material (e.g. fiber, seed, oil, etc.), bulk manufactured products and services (e.g. extracted oils, equipment,  testing, etc.), companies and organizations)
Insights — Provides users with educational information, news, trends, resources and stories to be more successful in their business
Forum — Online community to shares knowledge, resources and best practices across a wide array of topics, ranging from building materials, to health and nutrition, manufacturing, product testing, legal and legislation, and the infamous “Scammers Hall of Shame”
For more information and to register for free, click here.