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Sustainable Mail Program

Have you had it with annoying junk mail? Our Sustainable Mail Program is an innovative and highly effective service for companies to reduce unwanted junk mail in the corporate mailroom. We began as a program offered by the pioneering Zero Waste enterprise Eco-Cycle – The Stop Junk Mail for Good Service. Early adopters in Boulder County included Amgen and Ball Aerospace. We have since  expanded the service to help corporations across the U.S. move toward Zero Waste.  Learn more at this link.

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We work in partnership with non-profit partner Catalog Choice (a division of Story of Stuff) to remove current and former employees from mailing lists and provide metrics of environmental savings upstream (trees, water, solid waste and GHG emissions). Our Sustainable Mail Program helps corporations significantly reduce the tons of junk mail that come into the mailroom, lower operating expenses, and provide a free service for employees to stop their junk mail at home. 

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•  Lower campus recycling and hauling costs
•  Preserve precious natural resources
•  Eliminate paper waste 
•  Save staff time in the mailroom  
•  Increase your company’s sustainability.
Metrics of Environmental Savings
We provide monthly reports of Environmental Resource Savings in saved water, trees, greenhouse gases and solid waste upstream. Our metrics are based on data from the well-respected Paper Calculator managed by the Environmental Paper Network, a network of over 100 organizations working towards a common goal of pulp and paper sustainability across the global supply chain.


Custom Website
simplify_your_lifeWe create a custom website for each customer using a proprietary software that communicates directly with direct mail companies.  Each time our team “opts out” or removes an employee from a mailing list we track in real time the associated environmental savings. 
How Does the Program Work? 
The corporate mailroom team collects and sends junk mail to our Boulder, CO processing center. We handle each mailing piece individually and only remove employees from mailing lists that were provided to us. We recycle all junk mail pieces and do NOT share names with any other organization.
Free Service for Employees 
As an added value, we provide an easy and efficient way for company employees to stop the annoying junk mail they receive at home. Employee environmental savings in GHG emissions, water, trees, and solid waste are added to the total company-wide environmental savings.
Contact us to learn more on how we can help your organization lower mailroom costs, increase environmental stewardship, and achieve carbon reduction goals.
Neshama Abraham
Director, Stop Junk Mail for Good Program
Boulder, CO USA