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Silo42_Softback_CoverSilo 42: Deception

Zev’s most recently published novella is  Silo 42: Deception. It isa fan fiction story set within the fascinating dystopian world of WOOL written by New Your Times bestselling author Hugh Howey.


Silo 42 has a secret. For almost a century, their life has been considerably different than in the other Silos. However, Silo 1 Head, Donald Keene, is growing increasingly concerned about the data he is receiving from Silo 42. The time is quickly approaching when Silo 42 may be forced to save itself from the overly controlling rules of the “Pact.”


Andrew Lathrop, Head of IT in Silo 42, is training his Shadow, Stewart Sloan, when a decision must be made to protect their future. On the scene arrives Vanessa Villanova, a beautiful electrical engineer, who plays a pivotol role to lead Silo 42 in its race to avoid destruction.

Deception is more than a fast-paced mystery thriller. This adventure story contains real and practical solutions for some of most pressing issues facing our planet around energy use, food production, personal mental and physical health, and more. If the ideas that made life in Silo 42 sustainable were applied to life outside the Wool universe, we would see a different future for our society. Silo 42: Deception is available from Amazon.com.

Review by Carlos A. Mesa 

Donald Keene has a problem. Things just aren’t adding up in Silo 42—an underground silo, like the 49 others underground, meant to house those who were chosen to escape the toxic world above left by the Great War.Donald heads Silo 1 that governs and monitors all the other silos. And things in Silo 42 are not matching up with what has been meticulously planned for all the silos.

The numbers in Silo 42 are not making sense. Population is increasing yet resource use is down—way down. Why? Because the inhabitants of Silo 42 and its leader, Andrew Lathrop, have found innovative ways to be energy efficient and independent. It is these skewed numbers that is causing Donald fits and leads him to conclude that something is terribly wrong with Silo 42 and must be addressed immediately.
Meanwhile in Silo 42, Andrew is worried. His silo is prospering, but is the prosperity too conspicuous? Does Silo 1 know what is going on? Perhaps deceiving Silo 1 was no longer effective. With each conference call, Andrew has with Donald the tension of being discovered grows to a fever pitch.

Andrew is convinced he must do something. So he mobilizes a core group of the silo’s residents to execute a plan. Cut the ties to Silo 1 or face the possibility of extinction.

The pace of the action is palpable. Does Andrew have enough time to execute his plan or will Silo 1’s resources be too much to bear?

If you are anything like me, you will not stop reading this very well-written and easy-to-read book until the very end.

Silo 42: Deception is a good action-packed story that you will enjoy to its very end. I recommend you get a copy of it right now.

From Here to There: The Story About America’s Future

From Here to There 2nd Edition CoverThe full novel, From Here to There, though set both present time and in our not-too-distant future, tells a story about what is already possible. It tells the story of how we can realistically modify and create places to live that offer a higher quality of life.


Set in the not-too-distant future, this mystery takes you on a journey to the year 2020 where life continues to deal with the effects of a changing climate and a resource constricted economy. The reader is also taken 40 years further into the future, to the year 2060, when many of our most difficult challenges have been overcome.

The story evolves around Danielle Woodson a visionary and brilliant programmer for the City Transportation Department in 2020. The economic challenges from the financial crashes of 2008-2012 and the weather related disasters from the warming earth continued to worsen. We follow Danielle’s attempts to keep the cars moving in a City facing daily Gridlock. The story becomes complicated when she falls for the handsome and driven department director Steve Rubik. As a single dad of five-year-old Mariah, Danielle faces the loss of both father and daughter when their relationship is forever altered by a life-changing tragedy.

From Here to There offers a rare perspective showing a realistic and positive spin on our future. While the setting in 2060 is fantasy, all the elements already exist today and are working. Download From Here to There from Amazon.com today!

From Here to There – The Graphic Novel

FHTT_Episode_1_CoverZev is working with a talented illustrator Emily Kryska (see cover illustration right) to publish a series graphic novels of the From Here to There series especially appealing to the teen and young adult readership. The first Episode has been completed and is now available.

Episode #1 introduces Steve Rubik, the City’s Director of Transportation and his precocious five-year-old daughter Mariah. We see the challenges he is faces in the year 2020 while keeping the City’s traffic running smoothly. We also meet a mysterious female bike rider who is deeply concerned with the direction society is headed.

Episode #2 is currently under development.