Abraham Paiss & Associates, Inc.

Industrial Hemp

Our company has been involved in the Industrial Hemp industry since 2012. In November of that year, APA principal Zev Paiss founded the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association. Within six months, our firm was serving as a national resource for hemp farmers, processors, businesses, elected officials and policymakers across the U.S. Seeing the need for a national non-profit dedicated to American hemp farmers and businesses, we created the National Hemp Association (NHA). Zev served as the NHA Executive Director through September 2016. Currently, Zev serves as a national hemp consultant and educator helping hemp businesses and organizations build the U.S. hemp supply chain.
We provide Industrial Hemp consulting to guide companies on how best to:
•  Enter the industry and prosper
•  Understand emerging trends, advanced technologies, and opportunities in the hemp supply chain
•  Secure dependable ongoing product supply
•  Obtain hemp equipment financing
•  Launch new products/services and obtain customers.
We stay very current on the national hemp market and advise businesses on effective ways to offer their products and services. Our team founded The Hemp Marketplace, the world’s largest online platform for raw and processed hemp products. The Market Place has more than 160,000 views per month and over 15,000 users.
Contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation to support your company’s participation in the U.S. hemp economy.