Consulting & Education

Abraham Paiss & Associates, Inc. (APA) has been actively involved as a leader in the industrial hemp industry for more than 8 years. We are honored to serve as consultants to guide companies on how best to:

  • Help determine the best match for your skills and interests and best entrance points into the hemp industry
  • Understand emerging trends, advanced technologies, and opportunities in the U.S. hemp economy
  • Secure dependable supply chain partners and ingredients
  • Support the launch of new hemp products and services
  • Successfully obtain customers.

Consulting Options

For example, when working with a new hemp farmers we could:

  • Project pro-forma and budgeting 
  • Identify and help to order seeds, seedlings, or clones
  • Determine the best irrigation methods and suppliers
  • Source planting equipment and suppliers
  • Offer weeding strategies
  • Develop a harvesting and testing strategy
  • Arrange for bucking or milling options
  • Help set up drying and packaging strategy and requirements

We work with our consulting clients in two ways.

  • We can be hired by the hour for occasional support starting at $150 per hour.
  • Or we can be engaged on a monthly retainer basis for longer term and more involved projects starting at $1,500 a month.

Industry Educators

As educators, we regularly write position papers on industry niches and forward-thinking trends:

Being Successful While Staying Safe

Here Come the Minors

2020: The Year of the Stalk

Industry Experience

In 2017, our firm co-founded known as the Hemp Marketplace, the world’s largest and most active online platform for hemp buy and sell transactions. For the past three years we’ve keenly observed and participated in the hemp eco-system. We’ve seen best practices and avoidable mistakes by hemp farmers, business owners, and manufacturers.

Prior to the Hemp Marketplace, we saw the need for a U.S. organization dedicated to American hemp farmers and companies. Initially, we founded the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association in response to the passage of Colorado’s Amendment 64.  Within six months, our firm was serving as a national resource for farmers, processors, businesses, elected officials, policymakers, and hemp consumers across the U.S.

In 2013, we created the National Hemp Association (NHA) with APA principal Zev Paiss serving as NHA Executive Director through September 2016. As part of our work, we initiated a national campaign which led to the passage of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act and the legalization of hemp at the federal level.

We look forward to supporting your business. Contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation!