Abraham Paiss & Associates, Inc.

Our Philosophy


APA is a woman-owned marketing communications and sustainable development company helping businesses and organizations dedicated to environmentally sustainable solutions. 
Electricity: Our office is powered by a 3.7 kW solar photovoltaic system mounted on the roof, with a portion provided by wind from our local utility, and another portion from a Carbon Offset provider. In total, we are generating about 50% of our annual power from renewable energy sources.
Transportation: We live and work in Boulder, Colorado, a city committed to carbon reduction. We are fortunate to have access to a variety of low carbon transportation options for getting around. We bike, walk, take the SKIP public bus, and drive a Honda hybrid with 40 MPG.
Home Life: Since 1996, we co-founded and have lived in a close-knit multi-generational cohousing neighborhood composed of 11 households and 30 residents ranging in age from 1 year to 71 . Our community recycles the vast majority of our paper, glass, metal, plastic, and cardboard. In addition, our neighborhood has a small community garden for growing herbs and vegetables, and we grow vegetables and fruit in our front yard. We compost our food scrapes, and have created our own rich compost for the community garden and trees.
Cohousing Neighborhood: We know our neighbors and enjoy a built-in and spontaneous social life with community members without driving, phone calls or emails to make advance arrangements. Our teenage daughters are being raised in an extended family of “Aunts” and “Uncles.” The neighborhood kids are part of an energetic and precocious group of young people who have social and communication skills beyond their age as a result of growing up together in a caring multi-generational village where they are seen and heard by many caring community members. We enjoy community meals with our neighbors twice a week where each household prepares a community meal approximately once every six weeks. Group dinners and community work days produce a strong social fabric, where we share tools and resources, and cut down on energy use using one kitchen instead of 11.
Food: We eat as healthy as we can and use our pocket book to support organic and local food. Boulder has a wonderful farmer’s market, and we shop at smaller locally-owned markets, and buy as much organic produce as we can find and afford.
Work: We are blessed to do work that we strongly believe in. We partner with innovative, creative, and passionate people and businesses who are producing sustainable products and services. We are grateful to offer our professional skills to help create a more sustainable society.

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